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Wildmosaic.cat - cattery
Fraudster from Wildmosaic.cat - cattery in Russia, Kaluga

Wildmosaic.cat - cattery in Kaluga, Russia which was organized by the fraudster
She sells fake Caracal, serval, alc, bengal, savannah and other cats.
The owner of the Wildmosaic.cat - cattery- Feller Elena, was convicted on 3 August under Art. 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for fraud on an especially large scale, but, unfortunately, received a suspended sentence, so she is still not in a prison!
Previously, she bore the names Biryuleva and Vasilieva, but then changed them in a cleverly wise way. She tried to immigrate to Israel, but nothing came of it, she was quickly punched there. Then they pretended to be ethnic Germans. Her daughter Feller Natalia Sergeevna https://www.instagram.com/fellernatasha/
expelled from Israel, which was engaged in prostitution there and was banned from entering for 10 years.
They live in Kaluga in a luxurious 5-storey cottage worth about 150 million. Although they do not work anywhere, they only sell "cats of all possible breeds" from all over the world!!!
We advise you to beware of this scammer and do not have any business with her!!!
Wildmosaic.cat - cattety
sometimes she also pretend to be the owner of the SNOWGOLD cattery.
Phones: (930) 751-25-12
+ 7-930-7-512-512.
Viber and Vatsap - 8-910-5-900-700
Cattery of wild, hybrid and purebred cats (IP)
Caracals, Servals, Alc, F1, Bengals, Chausie, Savannah.
Caracal, serval, alc, bengal, savannah.
Email: damamama.f@yandex.ru
Website: snowgold.ru
Addresses used by the fraudster:
Kaluga, st. Berendyakovskaya, 26,
Kaluga, st. Berezuevskaya, 21
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Обидчик: Wildmosaic.cat - cattery

Страна: Россия

Категория: Животные

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